S U S A N ~C L A S S E N - S U L L I V A N



“Love you more than life” (corpse series) began when I started to discover the small bodies of frogs splayed open on the damp road. I was amazed by their exquisite beauty and began bringing them back to my studio each morning to draw in the posture I had found them. Relating to the space of the paper they began to float, sometimes seeming to dance, always appearing to be in a state of ecstasy. I have now transposed the corpses to human scale with the intent of a wall-mounted installation in a discrete space. In their moment of transfiguration the forms in “Love you more than life”, exist fully revealed in a space between life and death, pleasure and pain, between the sacred and the profane.

In the work “5,4,3,2,1” the process of gender specification, (internally, externally, and microscopically), and the formation of the Universe, (atomically, molecularly, and biologically) are depicted, and corresponded to one another in each of the rotating orbs. These micro and macrocosmic parallels are also reflected in the form and kinetic movement of the work that refers to both and atom and a solar system. Embedded magnets encrusted with iron fillings, which move during rotation, suggest and underlying force which is sponsoring it all. In “Gates of Heaven”, which depicts 3 mouth and 3 larynx forms, this force is manifested in our desire to communicate and connect.